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“Walden” Henry David Thoreau Essay

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In the chapter titled “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For” from his book Walden, Henry David Thoreau gives his readers insight into his values, and his ideas of how he believes people should be living their lives. I believe that Thoreau’s goal in this excerpt was to highlight human behaviour, and offer a solution in the “beauty of nature” and the simple living it brings along with it. As written by Thoreau, “The morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterrupted; but few are the ears that hear it.” (Thoreau 967), this quotation allows for multiple perceptions. He begins by showing us the importance that nature brings to his life, and ends the quote criticizing human consumerism by saying “few are the ears that hear it.” At the same time, Thoreau’s other main idea of living a simple life is supported by his view of nature. He wants us to realize that by leading such busy lives, we often forget to enjoy the simple beauty life gives us. Overall, Thoreau successfully uses a first-person narration to help people to better manage and understand their lives.

While Thoreau presents many valid points regarding the essence of human life, some people may still find themselves to be against Thoreau’s point of view. These people might prefer the crammed, populated streets of the city compared to the quiet, independent beauty of the countryside. They are the kind of people who need to be around other people to feel like they are belong, rather than all on their own. Thoreau Quote to support thesis. Another argument that these same people may have is that they enjoy their materialistic lives, rather than the simple alternative Thoreau suggests. Certain people revolve around routines and being busy all the time in order to push their little problems to the side. This mindset not only distracts these people from the problems they are facing, but it keeps them from enjoying the simple beauties of life that Thoreau presents in this excerpt. While these people might think that their complex, routine-oriented lives are going to satisfy them on their death-bed, they will never truly experience life’s natural beauties for what they are.

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Thoreau shares his experiences with nature in this chapter, and he does it in a unique way that allows for the reader to imagine exactly what Thoreau is attempting to tell us. In this chapter, Thoreau describes the setting that he now calls homes, “For the first week, whenever I looked out on the pond it impressed me like a tarn high up on the side of a mountain, its bottom far above the surface of other lakes, and, as the sun arose, I saw it throwing off its nightly clothing of mist, and here and there, by degrees, its soft ripples were revealed.”(Thoreau, 968) Thoreau is emphasizing the importance of nature to human behaviour, and how easily it is for humans to lose track of what is important and get caught up in their consistently busy lives. The language used in this chapter to describe the place where the narrator is inhabiting, allows for the reader to feel that they themselves are in the same place that the narrator is. The tone that Thoreau uses in this chapter appeals to the reader’s senses and allows for the reader to fully understand the message that the narrator is trying to portray.

The importance of nature to Thoreau allows for him to further support the focal point of his essay which is human consumerism. In today’s world, humans are so focused on keeping themselves as busy as possible, instead, Thoreau suggests that we take time to embrace the natural beauty that life has to offer.

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