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The Veldt -Plot Summary Essay

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The Veldt Outline

The Veldt story by Ray Bradbury presents the negative effects that may be associated with advanced technology in the society today. While George, his wife Lydia, and children live in an automated house where the technology does everything for them, they face challenges which makes them plan to retract to the normal way of life.

The advanced technology has denied George and his family the chance to participate in their family roles and therefore they struggle to find their identities in the house. The automated house performs all the duties and therefore the family has a lot of free time. The children Peter and Wendy are obsessed with the nursery and they spend most of their time watching the fake lions. On the other hand, Lydia feels that the automated house has deprived her of the mother’s role in the family. She says “I feel like I don’t belong here. The house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt? Can I give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can? I cannot”. She even advises her husband that they turn off the automated house since she prefers performing domestic tasks by herself. Despite the automated house performing everything for the Lydia feels that they should find a solution to the problem.

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Technology interferes with the peaceful relationship that exists between the members of the family. The nursery has made Wendy and Peter to be stubborn and arrogant children. Peter does not respect his father because he orders Wendy to go to inspect the nursery despite being refused by her father. After Wendy reports what she finds in the nursery, the parents do not believe her and they think that she has altered something. Also, the children sneak into the nursery at night and Lydia can hear familiar screams from the room. The conversion between Peter and his father is very poor. Peter does not listen to his father carefully and he even threatens him for trying to lock the nursery. Peter warns his father to reconsider his decision of locking the nursery, he says, “I don’t think you’d better consider it anymore, Father.” Therefore, Peter does not agree with his father’s opinion of locking the nursery and after disagreeing with him he walks away to the same nursery.

People may think that technology is helping them towards a better society but that could not be the case as it can bring more harm to them than the benefits. George had started the project with the aim studying his children minds through paintings they left on the wall. This is evident when George informs Peter the reason for taking picture painter out, he says, “That’s because I wanted you to learn to paint all by yourself, son.”. The project turns out to be unhelpful as it does more harm to his family. It spoils his children as they become disobedient and deceptive. After arriving home Peter and Wendy pretend that they do not know anything about the nursery. The technology also has reduced the chance of George and Lydia interacting with their children because the children prefer staying in the nursery. The children have developed bad behavior as they do not respect their parents. When the family decides to leave the house, the children tricky their parents and lock them from outside in the nursery. The parents scream but the children are unconcerned about opening the door.

After realizing the challenges that may be associated with the automated house, George starts planning on the possible solutions to the problem. He even invites David McClean who advises him to shut down the whole room and to surrender the students to him for mentorship. Therefore, technology may have a negative effect on the society if parents allow it to fully replace the domestic tasks and their parental roles.

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