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Teamwork and high performance work organisation Essay

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On the word itself, “Teamwork” is a set of persons that function as one. The group is working unitedly even though they have different personalities, ideas, concepts, capabilities, and ways of thinking. As a nurse, teamwork is very important, particularly in a healthcare setting. Nurses have a large team that encompasses other healthcare staff like doctors, medical technologists, therapists, pharmacists, etc. Each member of the group has a distinctive role that is truly significant because in rendering care to the patient, the team effort is important. I have worked in a team before when I was practicing my profession back then. In the hospital I have worked on, morning shift is the most hated period of time when it comes to nurses. It is the shift wherein all of the workloads are present. It is the so-called “toxic shift”. One time, we were only two nurses present in the morning shift and one nursing aide. We have 60 patients in the ward. My co-nurse and I decided to do functional nursing care. It is in which we divided the different tasks we will be assigned to.

I did the bedside care, medical procedures and giving of medications within my 8-hour shift. With a limited time, everything must be done as it should be. No minute nor second should be disused, for nurses have a vital role in the healthcare system. Despite the fact that I am only paid for 8 hours per shift, I extended my time just to accomplish my tasks and to help my co-nurse to work on other deeds that need to be completed. Exhaustion was the main feeling I sensed at that moment. I started my shift with a stress that was continuously piled up. I even skipped my meal and did not go to the bathroom just to attend every bedside calls and to give proper attention to each patient. The weight of the workload was burdensome especially when I still need to deal the situation with a proper attitude of a nurse.

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Work efficiency is correlated with teamwork. When there is coordination within the group, it allows the group to complete the jobs competently and professionally. So as a team, my co-nurse, the nursing aid and I communicated first to talk about our plans in the ward and we set a primary goal as well to have a motivation to work and to strive for. Though time was limited and most of our energy was consumed, the delegated tasks were done well and the quality of patient care was maintained. Our relationship in the team became stronger because of the support that was given to each other and the respect to one another was upheld.

In nursing, holistic approach is a necessity to attain the high quality of patient care. It is a process wherein all team members in the healthcare team bind together and acts as a single unit. High-quality patient care will only be achieved once all healthcare members of the team participate and practice effective team. To have an effective teamwork in nursing, a nurse’s duty is to team up within the team with respect and to treat the other team members equally and without bias. (NMC, 2008)

The experience I had would be more positive if I conversed with my supervisor about the problem in the ward, which is understaffing. The hospital’s nurse-to-patient ratio is only 12 is to 1 but what happened was different. I handled more than I should have. The supervisor may have different notions and methods on how to address the problem. Some of the key things I have learned include considering the other healthcare members even if they are not present in the situation and being more efficient in working. Each person in the team should be aware and well-informed in anything that is happening in the area whether it is positive or negative. It is a sign of respect to other members of the team and everyone should be recognized for it is called teamwork.

I will aim to broaden my knowledge and skills in terms of teamwork and one of the ways this will help is by learning in different experiences I am encountering and with the other people whom I am dealing with. Henceforward, I think I would try to deal with this by enhancing my competencies in a team and by collaborating with other group members. Through this, the team will be effective and I will be able to improve my duties and responsibilities of a nurse in the healthcare team.

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