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Studies on Free Voluntary Reading Essay

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Reading for pleasure have shown consistent results learners who read for pleasure exhibit development in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling than who have only regular instruction (see, Krashen, 2004). This kind of reading requires that students be free to select and read any books they interested in. Despite this useful insight, teachers are still reluctant to allow students to self-select their own reading materials. They instead still cling onto the traditional reading instruction. Drawing insights from the above studies, this paper will show that free voluntary reading offers huge benefits for language acquisition to take place in a foreign language context. It then proposes a framework for designing reading materials for foreign language students. This proposal can help teachers design reading materials that can facilitate the process of second language acquisition and, more importantly it will arouse students reading interest not only in their home language but also in English.

Introduction Move Establishing a Territory Step I Claiming Centrality In English language acquisition, reading is one of the skills that have to be mastered by the students beside listening, writing, pronunciation and speaking in order to be able to interact with other people within their community from the smallest to the bigger ones. The study of free voluntary reading has become an important aspect of language learning on students improvements in reading ability. In the last few decades, evidence from several areas continues to show that those who do more recreational reading show better development in reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, These results hold for first and second language acquisition, and for children and adults (Krashen, 2004).

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In language acquisition, free voluntary reading technique means to help students who have difficulty in mastering reading skill in either first, second or even foreign exchanging the traditional reading instruction used to be given by the teachers. In order to help the learners to gain better skills in reading, many investigators have conducted studies related to free voluntary reading. In recent year study on free voluntary reading method has shown the improvements on the Nigerian college students language proficiency and as well as their general knowledge in their life (Olusola, 2016). In his studied Olusola suggested many kinds of ways to help the students who has low ability in implementing the English language into their daily use communicatively by teaching them on advance reading practice. Also, this study is in line with the study conducted by (Ahmed, 2012) that argues how free voluntary reading can improve students language awareness and communicative competence of the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science and Art-Khulais. Here, Ahmed allowing his students to have a sense of freedom in choosing their type of any books they might want to read. He also mentioned that This kind of reading is mainly done for pleasure, and hence reflects personal choice and strengthens the sense of independence (Ahmed, 2012).

The most recent research related to VFR was conducted by a graduate student of Arts in Education, Hamline University Minnesota USA. In her study Werner implemented this approach to enhance the students reading proficiency through reading and storytelling for primary school level in Spanish language (Werner, 2017).Here, besides implementing VFR in the form of reading practice she also uses the storytelling as another option to help her young students to be able to retell whatever they have read before. Although unlike the previous studies conducted by Ahmed (2012) and Olusola (2016) that used VFR in helping their college students in improving reading proficiencies in communicative aspect Werner was more focuses on students in the primary level instead. However, these researchers basically have the same goal that by using the implementation of FVR approach, they expect that they will be able to help their beloved students using relevant materials such as narrative texts, comics, books, magazines, newspapers or even web cartoons according to their preferences regarding their ages and where they from to improve their reading proficiency and enhancing their communicate skill to the maximal level whether in their own language varieties or particularly in English, however, it is not clear why there are still many teachers who reluctant to use FVR during their reading skill session in the class and they rather cling to the regular reading approach. Based on the insights shown in each research above it can be said that VFR is proven to be extremely effective to improve students reading comprehension.

Therefore as an educator, it is important not to cling to the traditional reading technique implemented to the students to reduce their fear of reading practice, especially in English. It is a need to find appropriate reading materials to boost the student’s eagerness in reading practice. This paper, therefore, aims to propose a framework of reading materials that help the teachers to design their own materials to facilitate the process of second language acquisition importantly it can arouse students reading interest not only in their home language but also in English. Move 2 Establishing the Niche Step Raising a Question Move 3 Occupying the Niche Step 1A- Outlining purpose Methodology VFR Free Voluntary Reading Teaching Material Design (webtoons, Practice Reading Blog ( Gather any kind of reading materials( Novels, Fables, Fairy Tales, etc.. Finding and Discussion References Krasen.2004. Free Voluntary Reading New Research, Applications, and Controversies

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