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Providing equal opportunity for employment Essay

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Chern’s will provide equal opportunity for employment to all persons regardless of any discrimination based race, color, sex, religion, origin, age or disability and will strive to achieve full and equal employment opportunity throughout its organization.


1)Identify Job openings through human resource planning/ strategic plan. Any Employee resignations/terminations could be helpful in identifying any internal job openings.
2) Develop position requirement by specifying job description/ job specifications. Identify job duties and responsibilities in it keeping in mind essential functions of the job which are critical for the position (minimum requirement or any preferred qualification).
3) Develop the recruiting plan for posting period and placement goals and implement it.
4) Post the position and build the diverse pool of application. Develop and use application forms- One type of application form that can be used to predict performance is a biographical information blank (BIB) also known as biodata form which is a detailed job application form requesting biographical data found to be predictive of success on the job, about the background, experiences, and preferences. Respond is the score. They are good as they are difficult to fake.
5) Review application material and develop the short list.

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Recruiting from within the organization ( As Chern\’s believes in internal recruiting so they could use different internal recruiting methods like – Job posting( Notifying current employees about Vacant positions. Alternatively, Skills inventories ensure that internal candidates are identified and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunities arise). Some of the outside recruiting sources could be employee referrals as employees get bonuses if they refer someone.

Alternatively, contacting former employees someone who already has worked with a company and had better knowledge of its culture and expectations. Educational institutions and online recruiting are best when the budget is low. One of the priority could be to hire a more diverse group.

6) Interview selected applicant- ask the only job-related questions, document selection process. The interview process is crucial. The approaches described below are simple, good practice and are relevant to the majority and minority candidates.

* Develop questions based on the required and preferred skills and qualifications listed in the Job Description (JD). Candidates will respond differently based on work history, experience and skill level.

* Be sure to ask the same set of core questions, listen carefully and allow candidates to respond adequately. Be prepared for candidates questions. The primary objective of the interview is to determine if the candidate can perform specific duties.
* Take good notes during the meeting and immediately after, documenting the responses and job-related criteria.
* Review duties and responsibilities of the job using the JD, individual qualifications, work history, relevant experience/training/educational background, career goals, travel requirements, equipment used and facilities, hours required, attendance requirements, performance expectations, any on-the-job training and staff development opportunities.
* Identify potential management candidates clearly on interview notes.
7) Select finalist and verify job-related credentials- conducting reference checks
8) Make contingent job offer- request background check and education verification.
9) Close the notice of vacancy.
10) Schedule and conduct new employee processing.


When recruitment process is fair, and recruiters treat all applicants honestly and respectfully, it improves the chances of applicants accepting an offer for the job. The recruitment process should be relevant to the job and be consistent across all applicants. Make sure hiring is done to fill a real vacancy. It should be easy for candidates to apply.Also, explain the recruitment process to the applicant and give them the opportunity to show why they should be hired. Clear job description could help avoid discrimination of any sort. All applicants should be treated fairly throughout the selection and hiring process. High levels of fairness maintained throughout the recruitment process give Chern the best chance of recruiting top talent.

Keep applicants informed of their progress or lack of progress through the process. Interviews should be conducted using standardized, approved methods with all questions to be predetermined by management. According to Stan M. Gully and Jean M. Phillips, authors of Strategic Staffing, there are three types of perceptions of fairness that applicants can feel related to a company’s recruitment and selection process. These are distributive, procedural and interactional fairness. Distributive is similar to how fair an applicant feels the hiring or promotion system is. Procedural refers to candidates beliefs that a company’s policies and procedures that guide the hiring or promotion decision were fair. It Includes the screening tools, tests, interview process as it relates to personality or integrity tests. Interactional fairness has to do with an applicant’s perception of treatment during the hiring process. If an applicant is no longer considered to be hired, they should be informed about is as soon as possible. Candidates feel important and create a positive image for those companies who follow them up on their applications and interview.

When these things do not occur, the employer may find that there have been negative spillover effects as a consequence. When someone has a positive experience, he or she tells others and view the organization in a positive light. The same is true with a negative experience. The issue is that when someone does have a negative experience, he or she is much more likely to tell others about the experience and to discontinue association with the company. A good recruiter should be open to giving as well as receiving feedback.

When using internal or external recruiters, Chern should ensure that the recruiter possesses characteristics that support candidates having a positive experience. These include being familiar with the position as well as the company. A recruiter who cannot answer questions about the job they are recruiting for or the company appears incompetent to the applicant, and this image is then attached to the company as well. Active listening skills, enthusiasm, intelligence, and trustworthiness all reflect well on the company.


Chern\’s should define its mission and values that would flow through its employer branding communications.
An ideal branding mission would be to inspire and influence others to connect with organizations core values. Like, Creating an environment where everyone feels welcome.
Numerous methods could help in branding.
Use of technology
Digital marketing could attract new applicants as well engage and to retain the old one.
Use of social media like facebook, twitter, and other sites helps the company to attract talent and reach masses.
Employees who perform well and are there in the company from long can share their experiences through these sites or create their blog to let new candidates know what their experiences and success and failure stories have been so far. It would help talent connect and understand company\’s culture. Photographs of any main events or about company\’s environment could also be posted to drive traffic and interaction. It provides clear view of the organization. Communicating the brand image to employees from recruitment, into orientation and throughout their time with Chern’s will lead to the stronger brand image in the industry.
It creates a positive image in their mind and makes them feel valued. What does company stand for should be listed on career page, known by all staff?
Promote the family-oriented image the company holds with current employees and provide benefits that fit their needs will support the brand image. Having this firmly rooted family oriented foundation is the structure that supports employee empowerment and provides evidence of how the company values their people. When employees can understand the direction of their employer, see evidence that the employer cares about their well-being, they provide the best word of mouth advertising.

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