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Imprisonment became widespread in the United States Essay

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The United States has a big prison population because laws were designed to stop drug traffickers caught small-time dealers. Crime is defined as an act that the law makes punishable and it’s often called an offense. A form of punishment would be incarceration. Incarceration action is the act of placing someone in prison. It serves as a form of punishment for criminals due to their actions towards the law. They take their freedom. As the United States incarceration rate continues to increase more people are locked behind bars. They are constantly being watched over with no privacy.

Imprisonment as a form of criminal punishment only became widespread in the United States just before the American Revolution. America has around 5% of the world’s population and 25% are prisoners. Since 1980, the number of increased citizens in the United States has more than quadrupled. More than out of a 100 citizens are locked behind bars and because of This America is known for having the largest prison population in the world. The first prisons in the independent United States were established as \”penitentiaries\” to represent their prisoners as religious \” penitents,\” serving time for their sins. Early penitentiaries gained national and international attention for their high goals of perfecting society through incarceration. However, they soon became as overcrowded. This past July in the speech to the NAACP, President Obama stated that the real reason why the U.S prison population is so high is that over the last decade they have locked up more nonviolent drug offenders than ever before. Guns, violent crimes, and punishments are pressing issues in the United States. The relationship between these three issues is that they are all debatable and provoke the proper role of guns in American society. In state courts in the mid-1990’s the average year’s sentence to a gun, offenders average up to four years. They are punished in many different ways once they are initially arrested. By the late 19th Century, outrage over prison conditions led to the \”reformatory\” movement, which attempted to redefine prison\’s role as that of \” reforming\” inmates into model citizens, by providing education, work, and counseling.

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Rehabilitation is the act of restoring something to its original state. The goal of rehabilitation is to help people learn how to care for a body that How works differently, maintain a high level of health and restore oneself. The rehabilitation of offenders is a key feature of the modern UK system. Rehab is the only place where patients receive the proper treatment for their mental illness that causes or contributes to their addiction. Some people may feel that if you commit a crime you must be punished but rehabilitates might disagree. The rehabilitation conveys a message that the state has an obligation to help those who fall short of the standards. Psychologically we don’t know what individuals may be going through. Not giving them a free pass and saying their right but different actions can be taken into consideration. For example, rehab is a way to help individuals to not go back and do the same thing. Depending on the type of crime committed, the convicted may get the choice to have a plea bargain.

Retribution is a punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act. The purpose of retribution is active to injure criminal offenders. Retribution is at the heart of just about all judicial systems that deal with law and order. One example of retribution would be if you kill someone you will get a death penalty for it. Some people may feel that is should not be helpful and that it should treat the offending conduct as wrong. They also feel that punishing them is the best way to deal with them. Crime is the result of choices made by the individual. Retributivism recognizes the offender status by asking that they take responsibility for what they have done rather than making excuses for it. Retributivism also pushes that more serious crimes should be punished more seriously. Many people would look at retributivism as “ an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” situation. However, they just strongly believe that if you commit a crime or do wrong you must pay the consequences. Regardless if one situation is more serious than the other.

In my opinion, I feel that if someone violated the law they should be dealt with accordingly. The first thing someone would think of when they do something wrong is that they are going to jail. However, that is not the only problem. I feel that race has a lot to do with it as well. This is why crime and incarceration are so big in the united states.

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