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Gender approach: history, culture, society Essay

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Oscar Wilde once said, “Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.” The place for gender roles in society has always remained prominent. When standards for gender are placed in the everyday lives of individuals, the standards set are often inconsistent in comparison to one another. The expectations of females and males are often times clearly defined with a little to no commonalities, with women having an upper hand in certain ways.

Gender stereotypes have a gigantic impact on the way men and women are treated, and throughout history have greatly influenced society. Stereotypes often hold men accountable for one type of living while women have consistent options on their way of life. Women have made slow progress which led to an expansion of the rights that women have, but they continue to obtain success while men remain stagnant. Recently, the standards for a gender that have been set in society provides more disadvantages for men than it does for women, leading to a lack of equality in marriage, the workplace, and even in education.

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Boys also face a disadvantage in society when it comes to the education they receive. The range of life choices that women have to overpower the number of life choices that men have. Marriage is one of the main places where stereotypes affect the roles we play gender-wise. In marriage, women can often choose the role they want in a marriage without judgment. There is a constant belief by a society that men are not capable of taking care of a child. Women can take on the role of the provider and the protector labels often associated with the role of a man in a family, without having to be prudent of others opinions.

While men, if they are considered the nurturer, or the person who chooses to cook and clean, they are rarely praised for doing so and are often discouraged. People who are often subjective to the stereotypes they hear often would see a stay at home dad as unmanly or feminine. One of the many disadvantages men face while attempting to take on what is considered to be a more feminine role is that “for one, they will have to endure the unconscious hypocrisy of a society which often wrings its hands over a lot of the housewife yet at the same time view SAHD [Stay at home dads] as freeloaders who have let their working wives holding the bag” (Sacks 278).

Sacks comments on altering the standard marital roles for men shows that while it should be more culturally acceptable for the husband in a marriage to take on the standard role of women, men are more likely to be discouraged for their choice to take care of their children in a different way. Negative criticism is constantly given to men and their manhood is constantly questioned for not taking on the role of the provider and working for his family.

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