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Explaining benefits of HRM practices within Unilever Essay

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1. Benefits for Employer: For an employer, it is beneficial for its company growth that its workers perform well. An employer will always try to find the suitable candidates for suitable positions. It is always important for a company to get its job done efficiently and with less time which HRM practices help (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). HRM helps in the management of performance through proper business planning which is the first stage. It is designed for performance standardization along with budget outputs. HRM practices monitor the Performance of employees to ensure accuracy, communication, and discipline among workers. Overall it adds to the global company image and perception towards other competitive companies.

2. Benefits for Employee: HRM is involved not only in securing and enhancing the efficiency of each worker but also in providing definite plans for efficient communication between different workers in order to make organizational development (Obeidat and Abdallah, 2014). The importance of introducing individuals to the ethics of the company is emphasized by value-based interviewing. The employees are given progressive activities from coaching, training, projects, mentoring, and assignments. All these activities help an individual to enhance its efficiency. For the employee, it is beneficial because it nurtures the qualities within.

M3 Different methods used in HRM Practices within Unilever
1. Strategic Planning: The first stage is Strategic planning is detailed planning of the business. The business planning steps are designed in such a way so as to extract standardized performance is generally conducted through a 6month mid-year period, the planning process of strategic business is crucial to the assessment of present capability and performance of a business.

2. Training and development: HRM practices regarding training and development specializes coordination in forming a strong relationship between the employer and employee. The area for training and development of HR also focusing on training that emphasizes the company’s fair trade practices and employee growth to prepare promising leaders for management and supervisory roles.

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3. Employee satisfaction: A positive relation between the employee and HR help the company to achieve its objectives, morale and improves performance. This mainly comprises of achieving satisfaction, levels along the workforce (Zibarras and Coan, 2015). It helps to create ways to give strength to the employer-employee relations. Opinion surveys of employees are administered, a focus group is conducted related to job satisfaction and the steps the employer can maintain proper working relationships.

4. Recruitment: Employment process is being managed by the HRM department from examining resumes to scheduling interviews to new employees processing. They determine the most efficient for recruiting candidates.

5. Selection: professional HRs work with managers so as to effect good recruitment decisions, according to what the organizations need. They work together regarding standard hiring methods to ensure that the companies extend offers to suitable persons.

6. Compliance: HR workers need to make sure that the organization complies with legal regulations. They complete the necessary paperwork for documenting that the employees eligible to work in the country. They also comply with the organizational laws receive state or federal government contracts by ensuring flow logs of the applicant.

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