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Domestic violence against women Essay

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Among the different causes of injury to women, domestic violence tops the list, ahead of other causes such as rapes, mugging or even car accidents. According to recent reports by the CDC, there is an abuse of about 15 million children and women annually. Domestic violence lowers human dignity, and therefore, the whole world should come out and condemn it in the strongest terms possible. Many people argue that the women, who are mostly the victims of domestic violence, should also not keep silent about it to protect their spouses, but rather report them to the relevant authorities for the appropriate actions to be taken against the perpetrators. However, that would not be a complete solution to the problem. As a matter of fact, it puts the woman in more danger of a violent attack or even murder, should the man get freed, because they are likely to revenge the actions of the woman through violence.

To solve the problem of domestic violence, the procedure has to begin from childhood. The children should be taught how to relate to others in a relationship from a young age at home. But the problem is that domestic violence begins at home, and the children who grow in families with regular violence, are likely to behave the same way in future, to their own families. Therefore, these lessons should be taught at school. Besides teaching our kids about science, mathematics, languages, and technology alone, they should also be taught about relationship skills. This helps them to understand the importance of love and the dignity of humans, deterring them from getting involved in domestic violence in the future.

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This can be a very effective way of dealing with domestic violence. Let us face it, is almost impossible to rehabilitate domestic violence offenders so that they can live peacefully with their families. Statistics indicate that perpetrators of domestic savagery have repeated the act more than once, and continue to threaten the victim of assault, should they dare counteract. Therefore, teaching a child early enough about relationship skills can be very beneficial to them in future, as they will have the knowledge to understand conflicting situations; making the right decisions and taking the right actions concerning them. The children should also not be exposed to a situation of domestic violence, and those in families with such problems should better be raised away from such an environment.

We all have the power and ability to influence a stop to domestic violence. We need to speak about it openly, rather than hiding it. Many people suffer every day from domestic violence, but they are afraid to let it known to people because they fear revenge from the offenders. They are also made to feel that they are at fault for their suffrage. And people will always ask why they do not just walk out of the relationship, without considering the possible consequences they might suffer. Many victims who have broken their relationships because of domestic violence have ended up getting killed by their ex-boyfriends or husbands. There is also stalking of the victims, after they move on, or get married by other people. Therefore, we just ought to make a change, starting with ourselves, in respecting our relationships and our partners.
Teaching our children early about relationship skills and raising them in a violence-free environment will in future give rise to a new generation of nonviolent husbands and wives. This is possible if we commit ourselves to making it happen. According to recent researches, children raised in families with domestic violence are more likely to be violent in future to their partners, than the children raised in nonviolent families. This implies that when the children grow up, they develop the characters that they were exposed to.
Domestic violence can only thrive when we are silent about it, but when we all team up together to eliminate it, it can no longer be a subject of discussion. It is never late to act against a problem, and similarly, there is much that we can do right now and long into the future, concerning domestic violence. We can start by raising awareness about the issue and letting our family and friends know that we never will tolerate domestic violence and that they should stand together with us in its fight. There also are programs that have been formed to combat domestic violence, which we can support, in order to continue with the efforts of ending the matter in the long run. A difference can only be made when we stand together.

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