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Denying human rights the immorality of abortion Essay

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Imagine being ripped away from a chance at life, without even a choice. Abortion brings this awful thought to reality. Abortion disregards fetuses’ human rights to survive, for many different reasons. Abortion is a controversial topic that is debated by many across the United States. Abortion is wrong and should not be practiced in any circumstance, as it is taking away an innocent and helpless life. Abortion is immoral because of the late-term method and dejection of human rights and is a controversial topic conveyed in many different ways by the media.

Late-term abortion is aborting a fetus at 20-24 weeks. “In 1992, Martin Haskell, MD” explained at a convention that “he “routinely” used to kill unborn children” (Wills 1).  He called this method of abortion “D&X”.  Partial-birth abortion is when the skull is crushed after exiting the uterus and the brain is vacuumed out. As violent as that sounds, many judges defend this method of abortion. An argument made is that it is just as gruesome as aborting in the second trimester, saying there is no moral difference between the two. Late-term abortions are “banned in 30 states”, and that should be enough to prove it is immoral to murder a fetus at childbirth (Wills 4). It was not the American public choice to permit these late abortions, but it is “the Supreme Court” and the unjust decision that there is “an arbitrary line between human life and (merely) “potential” life at the birth canal” (Wills 2). This court decision states that a “potential” life is not as important as an actual human life, and late-term abortion is permissible because the babies are not considered a human while inside the mother. If this were true, the baby would be a human life once exiting the birth canal. This states the decisions are unjust because the baby is no longer a “potential” life.

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Humans are born with basic human rights. Some might say a woman has the right to choose abortion, regardless of the reason.  A common argument pertaining to abortion is if the fetus has basic rights before actual childbirth. It is a choice for the mother to become sexually active in the first place, and a child should not have to pay for the mother’s mistake. In terms of rape cases, adoption allows the best option for both the mother and the baby. A philosopher, Judith Thomson, explains a “violinist” scenario to justify rape. She states that a woman wakes up strapped to a violinist, who is unconscious. The only way to detach herself is to kill him or wait 9 months and they will both live. Thomson is using the scenario to explain why abortion is permitted during rape cases. The fetus was not invited into the body, therefore was not wanted and can be aborted. She states the only type of immoral abortion is if you were planning on having a child when conceiving. This argument would not make sense, because the child would only be able to have rights if invited into the body, and the child cannot control the mother’s actions. A common reason for abortions is the burden a baby would have on a job or someone’s education. “While pregnancy is a temporary condition, abortion produces a permanent condition- the death of a child.” (Thompson 2).  Restraining from practicing abortions does not devalue the mother, but simply acknowledges a baby’s rights to be more important than pregnancy.

A big influence on abortion is the media’s views on the procedure. Many celebrities, politicians, philosophers, and more have stated their views and reasons on why they support or disagree with abortion. A wide-known example of a supporter of late-term abortion is President Barack Obama. Obama has often stated his thoughts on abortion many times during campaigns. “President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign counterattacked, releasing a television advertisement in which a woman says that it is “a scary time to be a woman” because Mitt Romney has said he supports outlawing abortion.” (Singer 1). It is common for Republicans to be for the outlaw of abortion, and Democrats to support abortion. Hillary Clinton is for abortions, and even partial-birth abortions and that became a huge part of her campaign.  Whereas on the other side of things president-elect Donald Trump was very strongly against it. Many philosophers state their arguments and reasons for their view on abortion. Peter Singer is for abortion, stating if abortion is outlawed it will increase the unsafe abortions people would seek out. Despite the illegal abortions, outlawing abortion would help show society how wrong it is, hence why it is outlawed.

Abortion is immoral because it is denying the rights to a human, regardless of it being unborn. A fetus is still of the human species, making it a human itself, even at contraception. A potential child should not have to face death because it is not responsible for the mother’s actions. Each view on abortion has many in-depth arguments, each providing viable points as to why or why not it should be allowed. Abortion should not be practiced early in the pregnancy, or at childbirth. It is the murder of an innocent and defenseless victim.

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