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Analysis book called The Maze Runner by James Dashner Essay

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Did you know grievers come out within the maze every night after the walls close to the book called The Maze Runner by James Dashner? This book is about a group of teenage boys between the ages of 13 and 19. They are sent to the glade to see if they are smart enough to solve the maze that surrounds it. One day a boy named Thomas is sent to the maze. See the boys only get one newbie a month and the day right after Thomas was sent to the glade another person was sent. It was strange to get two newbies in one month but, what was more strange was that it was a girl. The first girl to be sent to the maze to help solve it and act as a trigger to tell the boys the maze was dying pretty much. In this novel, most of the boys want to keep order in the glade where they were safe from givers and they had food, water, shelter everything needed to survive. Until the supplies don’t come anymore and they have to ration out what they have left to survive on. The girl and Thomas are connected mentally throughout the book. The walls stop closing at night so they all sleep together in the homestead and the grievers come into the glade and take one glader a night. Until they find a way to get out and find out who the creators are. One thing goes wrong and order is nowhere to be found until the problem is taken care of.

Everyone in the glade does their part to keep things in order and working and, when one person messes up or tries to go their own way and voice their opinion without permission it throws everything off balance. Like when Alby one of the oldest boys said “That’s not how it works around here, and our whole existence depends on things working” (Dashner 101). When someone badly messes up the order they have to get banished. Banishment is when you have to leave the glade and go out into the maze to live the rest of your days. It’s not a happy time for the person getting banished or the other boys in the glade. Most of the time the person is gone by morning because the grievers attack them. Banishment is the worst thing to happen in the glade. They also want things to be stable like when building a tower of blocks and one side is heavier so it starts to tip because it’s unstable. Well, Alby felt this way in the book so he tried to regain stability in the glade and hope things go back to normal as he states “I burned the Maps. I slammed my head into the table so you’d think it was someone else, I lied, burned it all. I did it” (Dashner 311)

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There are many jobs in the glade. There is Runner, Slopper, Med Jack, Gardener, Builder, Track Hoe, Bagger, Livestock Raiser, Cooks, and Blood Housers. I would be a Mad Jack because they help the people of the glade get better when they get sick, hurt, or stung. I have always had a wanting to help people and would love to do it in the glade. I would be important and needed. In the book you only here of two Med Jacks Clint and Jeff. The pair is always seen together and enjoying each others company. They are like best friends glued to each other\’s hip. This is what I want my part in the glade to be.

When things don’t go as planned order is lost and will not be found until things get back on track. Recap teenage boys and one girl are sent to this maze to see if they are capable to solve it. Two newbies are sent in one month which is not normal especially because one is a female. Then their supplies don’t come, so they have to ration all the food out. The walls stop closing at night so they sleep in the homestead for safety. Each and every night that they don’t solve the maze another kid is taken by the grievers and killed. Finally, Thomas and the girl find out how to get them out of the maze to freedom.

This book is written very skillfully and keeps the readers on their toes throughout the whole book. The emotion from every character especially Thomas can be felt and visualized during and before it changes. The things that happen unexpectedly is the best part.

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