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African-Americans on a fighti for equality and freedom Essay

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African-Americans were taken from Africa as slaves, and have been fighting for equality and freedom ever since that day. The slaves were mistreated as nothing, they had no self-esteem, beaten, disparage, and were separated from their family. African-Americans still fight every day for different types of recognitions and fairness, even though many things changed over the centuries. The African-Americans played major roles during the Civil Rights Movement. African-Americans have struggle hard to end separation, prejudice, and seclude to be treat in a fair way and civil rights.
Racial Separation, also known as Racial Segregation was a system taken from the results of white Americans to keep African Americans subservient status by controvert then equal admittance to public facilities and ensuring that black people lived separate from white people.

Slaves lived far away from the wealth people houses on the plantation, only those who are special people lived in those houses. Northern whites had precluded blacks from seats on public transportation and blocked their entry exclude servants, from most hotels and restaurants, by the time the Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott versus. Sandford in 1857. According to the article in 1896, \”The most common instance of this is connected with the establishment of separate schools for white and colored children, which has been held to be a valid exercise of the legislative power even by courts of States where the political rights of the colored race have been longest and most earnestly enforce….\”(Plessy v. Ferguson 1). In another word, segregation it is not only in schools, but it is in churches, auditorium, and theaters. For example, Rosa Parks was famous for her courage to stand for her rights, and to set wherever she wanted on the bus; however, she was not the first or only one to make this chose.

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In addition, when Rosa Parks was approached by the bus driver to sit somewhere else, there were other African-American people sitting to her. Therefore, Rosa Parks was noticed by Dr. Martin Luther King for spoke up first history gives her credit. People were brave enough to fight for their equal rights. The bus Boycott that introduced the civil rights movement that convert apartheid of America\’s southern states from a local individuality to international scandal, which started when Parks arrested stunned a chain reaction.

Rosa Parks individual courage that led to the collective displayed of insubordination that transformed a previously unknown 26-year-old clergyman, Martin Luther King, into a household name. The name of Dr. MLK was recorded in history as the most well-known extremist through the years. MLK was also known as a non-violent extremist, and for modifying the philosophy from Gandhi, which was reverence not only by black race but also by all other races. What became African-American\’s live by for centuries to come was the speech of MLK, \” I Have a Dream.\” Furthermore, there was the \”We Shall Overcome\” speech by King in 1963. The Civil Rights Movement was defining moment at the capital by MLK. Until the day MLK was killed, he fought for the Civil Rights Movement.
MLK petition to all not to discriminate. African-American men and women

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