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A beautiful mind Essay

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1.What symptoms of Schizophrenia did John Nash exhibit at the beginning of the movie? In the beginning of the movie the symptoms John Nash exhibit were hallucinations and delusions. 2.What symptoms did he exhibit at the end of the movie? At the end of the movie the symptoms John Nash exhibit were hallucinations, delusions, paranoid ideations, and a distorted perception of reality. 3.When did John Nash actually realize that his hallucinations were not real? When he realized that Marcee, the imaginary niece of his imaginary roommate never get any older. 4.How did his wife play an important role in dealing with his Schizophrenia? She made decisions about his treatment for Schizophrenia. The side effect from the pills he was taking caused his sexual performance to go down, Even though his wife got very frustrated she still stay by his side.

5.Could schizophrenia be the cause for a divorce? Why? Explain your answer. No, because first and furthermore, the vows say “To death do us part, and through sickness and health, therefore I feel if you really love your significant other you should be there no matter the circumstances. 6.Is John Nash still alive today? If so, where are he and what is his state of mind? Yes, John Nash is still alive and he resides in Princeton Junction, and he is in remission. 7.What occurred in his childhood that may have triggered Schizophrenia? There is nothing that occurred in Nash childhood that triggered schizophrenia. He lived a normal childhood and was recognized for his intelligence at a young age by his parents. 8.What was your favorite scene? Explain why. My favorite scene of the movie was when he won the Nobel Prize. Because it shows how a person can achieve great awards regardless of his or her illness. 9.What were the names of his hallucinations? Visual and Auditory.

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10.What are the symptoms of a person with schizophrenia? What symptoms did John Nash display? Common symptoms include false beliefs, auditory hallucinations, confused or unclear thinking, in activity and reduced social engagement and emotional expression. John Nash displayed Auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoid ideations, delusional thinking, and a distorted perception of reality, all of which help psychologists determine and diagnose schizophrenia. 11.What award did John Nash receive for his work in mathematics? Nobel Prize 12.What was John Nash consumed with doing? Working with numbers and theories. 13.What did you notice about John Nash’s attire throughout the movie? He wore a coat no matter what the temperature was. 14.Why was John Nash unable to communicate his feelings? Because he wasn’t comfortable, he was more comfortable with numbers and theories than with people and relationships. 15.Who did John Nash believe he worked for? What was his job title? United States Secret Services, Government intelligence agent (spy).

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