Cyber Safety Analyst’s Wage Per Hour

Cyber Safety Analyst’s Wage Per Hour

On top of company size and talent set, location affects salaries for security analysts. For instance, working in Oakland, California, an analyst earns 27 p.c more than common. Those employed in Chicago also do quite nicely, making greater than 22 % more than the nationwide average. Data architects at small firms make less than those at larger ones. At an organization with sales of lower than $50 million per 12 months, a security analyst earns virtually $66,000 per year, while those at firms with sales of $50 million to $250,000 million earn about $69,000. Working at a large firm supplies even larger paychecks — a median of $73,000 per 12 months.

When the training degree is Certificate or Diploma, the typical wage of a Data Security Analyst is 25,500 HKD per month. The expertise degree is an important consider figuring out the wage. We broke down Data Security Analyst salaries by experience degree and this is what we discovered.

Where Can I Work As A Safety Analyst?

understanding of logic used by hackers and expertise critical to cybersecurity. Where are you able to receives a commission more, working for a non-public firm or for the government? Public sector workers in Hong Kong earn 10% greater than their non-public sector counterparts on common across all sectors. The average salary for Data Security Analyst is 1% less than that of Database Administration. Also, Database Administration salaries are 6% lower than those of Information Technology.

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Typically, these professionals maintain a minimum of a bachelor’s diploma in their field; however, some employers seek for analysts with master’s degrees. Self-employment is an possibility, but most individuals first gain experience in the field. You might set up a cyber safety company or work as an independent cyber safety consultant. Cyber security is a quick-growing subject and cyber safety expertise are in demand.

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